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Congratulations and hello! My name is Toni. Here are some thought starters for your big day and that big plunge you're taking. Cheers to your coming married life!

The Balcony Kiss

May 20th 2011 20:44

Prince William's goofy smile after the kiss is just too precious!

News item: Costco offers bridal collection. (Click link to read)

For as long as you don't have to buy wedding gowns in bulk, I'm in!!! (Yes, I'm kidding about the bulk thing.)

Photo: Some rights reserved by coolmikeol

Bridesmaid Gowns' Color Horrors

March 24th 2011 03:35
Mint green. Peach. Light pink. Those were colors I have worn as a bridesmaid or as part of the bridal entourage. No matter how nice the cuts of the dresses were, the colors just made the gowns look like a major fail.

TLC weddings published a list of "10 Colors Your Bridesmaids Don't Want to Wear". Here are the colors and my thoughts on them:

1. Salmon. I agree!! The salmon color belongs on the fish and nowhere else.
2. Gold. Well, I like gold. I think there are certain shades of gold that can be flattering to a certain skin tone, so it depends on the hue.
3. Silver. Hello tin bridesmaids! Hello robot bridesmaids! I agree with this. ALTHOUGH I have worn a greyish silver bridesmaid dress and it was really pretty. No aluminum silver, that's the rule.
4. Poo green. Or snot green. Or phelgm green. (See mint green)
5. Peach. YES! I don't know how this is flattering. Peach belongs in a bowl with lots of cream. Mmmm.
6. Prison jumpsuit orange. Haha! All they need is a ball and chain with this color. Tsk tsk. Beware this color lest you want a riot to form.
7. Barney purple. NOOOOOOO. If you want to use purple, please choose a shade closer to eggplant, which is flattering to most colorings.
8. Aqua. I think this would look great for those with a creamy complexion, but not for brown-skinned gals like me though. It doesn't work. Not for me anyway. Besides, a whole gang of aqua dresses? Makes me feel like drowning.
9. Neon. The '80s called and they want their gowns back.
10. School bus yellow. Unless the bride/groom is Big Bird, then this is just so not appropriate. I agree TLC!

What bridesmaid color horror stories do you have?

Image credit: Some rights reserved by devillibrarian

McDonald's HongKong Wedding Parties

March 18th 2011 16:50

McDonald's HongKong has launched its in-house wedding service. Their website says they organize everything from the food, decorations, invitations, even your wedding dress! It's a fun twist to one of the happiest days of your life.Would you like a baked apple pie wedding cake? How about a wedding dress made of red balloons? How about sharing Happy Meal toys with your guests as souvenirs?

It's fun and lighthearted, perfect for couples who love the romance and fun of weddings without the formality.

McDonald's Wedding Party - Really Long Link

Wedding Dress Trends 2011

March 16th 2011 16:49
According to, the following are the 12 Wedding Dress Trends for 2011:

1. Light Fabrics
2. Couture Wedding Dresses Sample Sales
3. Alternative Wedding Dresses Styles
4. Black and White Wedding Dresses
5. One-Shoulder Wedding Dresses
6. All Over Sparkle
7. 3D, Big Flowers
8. Cap Sleeves
9. V-Necks
10. All Over Lace
11. Convertible Wedding Dresses
12. Big Ballroom Skirts

Read more on .

Vera Wang for David's Bridal

January 31st 2011 08:24
Vera Wang has designed a line of wedding dresses for David's Bridal. The collection is called White by Vera Wang, and offers a range of affordable wedding dresses in classic Vera Wang style. The gowns cost around $600 to $1400 and come in sizes 0-14.

This is my favorite design of the lot:

"Strapless satin-faced organza ball gown with diagonally-banded bodice and full tulle skirt. $1300."

Check out the rest of the gorgeous gowns at White by Vera Wang.

Women's tears turn men off

January 16th 2011 12:07
A recent study revealed that a chemical in women's tears lowers men's testosterone levels.(Source) One line from the article goes:

"Sobel said researchers had expected the tears would boost the men's sense of empathy. Instead, their heart and respiratory rates, salivary testosterone and a brain scan all pointed to a reduction of sexual arousal."

I guess women can use that knowledge for something. If they're not in the mood for an intimate evening, women don't have to pull the "I have a headache line!". They just need to shed a few tears.

Image source:

When we're together, I feel perfect

January 16th 2011 09:01

"You" by Evanescence is one of the most intimate and beautiful love songs I've ever heard. According to the Youtube comments, it wasn't one any of their records as it was personally written by Amy for an ex-fiance. Despite that not working out, I think it's lovely that her song has resonated with many others.

The words have been drained from this pencil
Sweet words that I want to give you
And I can't sleep
I need to tell you

When we're together, I feel perfect
When I'm pulled away from you, I fall apart
All you say is sacred to me
Your eyes are so blue
I can't look away
As we lay in the stillness
You whisper to me

Amy, marry me
Promise you'll stay with me
Oh you don't have to ask me
You know you're all that I live for
You know I'd die just to hold you
Stay with you
Somehow I'll show you
That you are my night sky
I've always been right behind you
Now I'll always be right beside you

So many nights I cried myself to sleep
Now that you love me, I love myself
I never thought I would say this
I never thought there'd be

Image credit:

Marriage makes men nicer

December 12th 2010 14:01
The research says it. Nice men have a higher chance of getting married, and bad behavior in men decreases after getting married.

Can marriage really tame a man? The studies show it can. Perhaps it's because married men hang out less with their single buddies. Perhaps they feel they will have more to lose if they behave badly.

I hope that single women take this research with a grain of salt though. It's nice to know men could eventually tame their wild side after marriage, but that eventual change in behavior shouldn't become one motivation for getting married.


Have your gown and eat it too

December 10th 2010 13:55
Would you wear a bridal gown with a skirt made of cake?

It's crazy and a little whimsical. I think I'd be a little grossed out eating from the bride's gown, but this sure makes an interesting conversation piece at the reception.

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